2010年4月 シングル『last night』でデビュー。



●2010年4月 河村隆一プロデュース『last night』にてデビュー

●2010年11月  『ラドンナ原宿』にてワンマンライブ開催

●2011年2月 デジタルシングル第1弾『DREAMER』発売

● 2011年5月~7月  『ラドンナ原宿』にてチャリティーワンマンライブ開催
 すべてsold outに

●2011年9月~12月 ライブハウスツアー『DREAMER2011』開催

●2012年1月~ ライブハウスツアー『Pray』スタート

●2012年2月~ FM愛知にてメインパーソナリティを務める番組『Soah’s K-Backstage』スタート

●2012年2月29日 Newシングル『Pray』発売

●2012年7月 『Pray』が、公益財団法人 日本YMCA同盟の東日本大震災 救援・復興支援活動 応援ソングに



Soah sings RNB but she can also sing BALLAD, Dance Novel and she wants to explore a variety of genre. She debut her first single “l” produced by RYUICHI KAWAMURA released on April 2010. In February 2011 she released two singles  “DREAMER” and “EMPTY ROOM”,  in 2011 May, June and July Soah had a concert at La Donna Harajuku a charity event for Tsunami relief and tickets were all SOLD OUT. Since  autumn 2011 she performed concerts at GRAVITY Akasaka and morph-tokyo in Roppongi . Now she is also doing a hair make up producer on television, movies, music video and magazine, etc… She participated as Chief of Hair and Make up designer in Paris Haute couture Collection since 2006 of June up to present. She never stopped to search for a perfect beauty and never gave up discovering artistic and creative beauty in cosmetics and tools. Being an expert on beauty does not acknowledge her only in Japan but also in Europe. In the year 2000 she established a beauty salon called “ pams” (Professional Artist Make up) in Ginza Tokyo, not only hair cut and make up but she first introduced and started to influence on giving suggestions of images and designs to customers to discover something new for them. In June 2006, pams moved from Ginza to a bigger place in Aoyama Tokyo, named “pams aoyama honten” (Honten means head shop in Japanese). In 2009 she released a book entitled “ Soah`s Method (cholittai suhada bi make)” and on 2010 she performed in front of an immense audience on HARAJUKU STYLE COLLECTION in Ariake Collieseum. She had a regular appearance on Shanghai TV program on Information of Tokyo Fashion and she also performed in Shanghai Expo on how to establish fashion Hair and Make up using girls wearing the traditional Yukata and creating a cross over fashionable look.  On November 2011, she took part as judge in PARIS HAUTE COUTURE COLLECTION hair make up artist Audition in Osaka and in the same month she was chosen as one of the judge for the Search of Miss Universe Japan that took place in Kochi Japan. Also in November she competed in the “Bimajyo”  beauty contest and took 2nd place from 21 finalist chosen among 2500 candidates in Japan, she won first place for number one choice and voting competition on website search and as resulting in winning two awards. This was conducted by [B-ST] fashion magazine.


In Feb 2011 Soah started a regular Radio program in FM-aichi “Soah’s K-Backstage”.@FM Aichi(80.7Mhz)


Also in Feb.29 2011 she released her single ”Pray” and in July 2012 it became  the Official song to aid the “Reconstruction and supporting active volunteers in disaster zones of the North East Japan” National Council of YMCAs of Japan.







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